Secondary Division

The primary levels are the most important as this division includes the beginning levels for learning ballet technique. All students begin their training in level 1 where they will learn the basic ballet positions, the progression of a ballet barre and the French vocabulary which defines all ballet steps.

Students progress through these levels at two year intervals, however all students move at different rates. Some may spend two years or more in one level, while the mind and body are learning to work together. When the student has mastered the technique appropriate for each level and their body is strong enough, the teacher along with the Artistic Director will move the student to the next level. Advancement is based on ability, not age. The student then begins to build the knowledge and foundation of ballet.

It is recommended that students invest the following amount of time per week to ballet:

  • Level 1: 2 hours (Up to two days per week)
  • Level 2: 3 hours (Two days per week)
  • Level 2 Second Year: 3 - 4 hours (Two or three days per week)
  • Level 3: 4 - 6.5 hours (Three days per week)
  • Level 3 Second Year: 6.5 or More (Three or more days per week)