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2022 Festival: April 27-May 1 Skokie Il

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Who We Are

Regional Dance America, RDA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit national association of pre-professional dance companies whose mission is elevating the future of dance in America - giving dancers experience and directors perspective. Through the Adjudication process, yearly Regional Festivals, and the National Choreography Intensive, RDA inspires a growing community of excellence in dance education and performance!

The exciting year begins with the RDA Adjudication Tour. In the early spring, highly esteemed Adjudicators tour the
RDA Regions to watch member companies take class and present choreography. They provide constructive feedback
to elevate member companies’ accomplishments and select works to be presented at the Regional Festivals. The season culminates with 1500 dancers, 300 parents, 100 artistic directors and staff members, and nearly 100 faculty members and musicians gathering together at the Regional Festivals. Participants attend master classes, seminars, and college roundtables during the day, as well as perform each evening. Member company dancers are seen by college and professional training program recruiters and have the opportunity to audition for awards and scholarships. Artistic directors, choreographers, staff members, and parents engage in networking events. Festivals inspire artistic and personal growth, creativity, and excellence through networking
with professionals in the areas of dance education, choreography, sports medicine, and more. RDA Regions join together every 5 - 7 years for a National Festival.

Each summer, RDA’s National Choreography Intensive provides a one-of-a-kind experience for choreographers to explore the craft of choreography and for dancers to study in a variety of dance styles and with diverse choreographers. In its 59th year, this multifaceted program offers dancers, emerging choreographers, and seasoned choreographers the unparalleled opportunity to work, study, and create under the guidance of nationally
recognized professionals in the fields of dance and music.

  1. Dancers Will:

    • Gain perspective to elevate their accomplishments! The RDA Adjudication and Festivals empower dancers to reach their fullest potential and stimulate young dancers to grow as artists and individuals. Dancers will meet other dancers from around the country who share their same passion and dedication to dance.

    • Receive the highest level of training possible! Each member company dancer participates in three days of master classes and performances at RDA Festivals. Classes are taught in a wide variety of dance techniques by the country’s leading professionals.

    • Participate in on-site auditions at RDA Festivals! Dancers have the opportunity to audition for scholarships to some of the country’s top summer, winter, and year-round dance programs, including college and university programs. Over $300,000 of scholarships are awarded annually, including to RDA’s National Choreography Intensive.

    • Be seen by professional recruiters! Dancers are seen by college and professional training program recruiters as well as artistic directors of programs throughout the US.

    • Gain insight into the professional dance world and beyond! Company dancers are exposed to inventive choreography by emerging artists and experience master classes and choreographic works by highly esteemed professional dance educators. Dancers perform for new communities and audiences around the country.

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