Our Philosophy

Heartland Conservatory of Dance provides a dynamic training experience for both just-for-fun and pre-professional students alike through emphasizing quality training and performance opportunities. Our child-friendly environment promotes both challenges and opportunities for ALL students to grow and develop in their own way and at their own time.  Students ages 3-18 come to us from all over the region to study jazz, contemporary, tap and especially classical ballet. We blend the best traditional ballet styles and teach them through our tried-and-true syllabus in classes small enough to facilitate one-on-one attention. This gives our students the ability to easily adapt to different styles of choreography and techniques of dance.

Our teachers are an important cornerstone of our School’s strength. They instruct students through our syllabus while incorporating our overall philosophy and child-friendly environment. Each of our teachers has their own special personality and expertise but they have sooooo much more than that! 

•Passion - Our instructors love dance and work to inspire students while mixing fun, excitement and technique into class.

•Patience - No matter what age or level, every student learns differently. Some learn more quickly and some more slowly. Our teachers work to motivate EACH student and adjust demands for EVERY student.

•Communication - Our teachers are honest, supportive and motivational. They talk to students in ways in which they can understand and respond.

And finally, our teachers know how to walk the tightrope of being kind, demanding, strict and challenging!

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of children and the community through the beauty and discipline of classical ballet.

Learn . Inspire . Perform